What are we up to?

Of course, the world was completely different these past few months, and everyone’s life changed. Slowly but surely we’re getting back to a new normal. On the 1st of July, the gyms will reopen - something we at The Activewear Company are very excited about! On one hand because of our partnership with The Gym Republic, and on the other hand because everyone can continue with their fitness goals on a regular level. With our high quality activewear essentials, we want to inspire and help people to keep moving. So in line with this, we are thinking about an action we can do from The Activewear Company to help people with getting back into the workout flow. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact us!

Meanwhile, we‘ve dropped our new Army Green color! We had a good photoshoot day with our new models Quinten and Thijs, and people are very enthusiastic about the color. Because of the success of the Army Green color, we are able to drop our next summer color of the Work to Workout Tees soon! Keep your eyes open for the new drop somewhere around the end of July.

Besides extending our color palette, we’re also sampling new Work to Workout products, for which we get the help of our customer base and online following. Through our Instagram page, we involve our customers in the development process of our products.

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Keep moving.

The Activewear Company