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For the last nine months, we’ve been spending our time on realizing a certain mission: inspiring and motivating men to keep moving. Both living in Amsterdam, we were inspired by the continuous energy flowing around in the city.

We came up with a concept that contributes to this energy. Our high quality activewear essentials are clothes that fit every activity, from work to workout.

As we said, the last nine months were all about bringing this concept to life. We talked to a lot of people to test and improve our concept and to collect fresh ideas. We went to Portugal to find a factory that fits our ideas, and we did a lot of sampling and testing.

We are now starting off with our first product – The Work to Workout Tee. The Tee that fits every occasion.

Picture behind the scenes of a productshoot of The Activewear Company


In mid-December, we started the pre-live phase. The landing page went online and our social media was launched, and as of the first of March, we are officially live and the Work to Workout Tee is now available on our website.

Picture of a moodboard in the office.


Looking to the future, product wise we are focused on expanding our Work to Workout line to create a full wardrobe all designed with our key elements. Visiting our factory at the Première Vision in Paris last month we got a lot of inspiration concerning new products and fabrics to use.

In regards to spreading the word of our brand, we will focus on partnerships with companies that we feel a connection with and share our beliefs and values. Soon, you’ll be able to see our first few collaborations, even with a limited edition Work to Workout Tee.

First things first, a fresh new color of our Work to Workout Tees will be here very soon. Also, sampling on a new product has started and if everything goes well, we’ll introduce you shortly.

Products in the factory

Felix & Casper

Founders of The Activewear Company