How to stay healthy and active at home

We at The Activewear Company believe that, in order to have a happy and healthy live, it is essential to stay fit and active in every aspect of live. With the COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, causing companies to shut down their workplaces, people find themselves in a previously unknown situation of quarantine. This situation makes it more difficult to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. To help and motivate you to still keep this balance we have a guide on how to stay active in mind and body from home.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body

Normally, going to the gym on a regular basis can help you feel fit and healthy in mind as well as body and can kickstart your day to be way more active that it would be otherwise. In the crisis we are all in these days this part of your daily routine is all of a sudden gone. So it is important to create a workout and a routine that will make sure you don’t fall of the wagon.

Get creative with household items

Of course, in your home workout routine push ups, pulls ups and dips are essential. But to not only trigger your muscles but also your mind, try to use everyday household items in your workouts in creative ways. For instance: use a broomstick with 2 heavy items on each side to do squats. Not only will this improve form and keep you mobile, but it will also challenge your mind stay active.

Start with your workout right after waking up.

First thing to do when you wake up is make sure your living room is clean, open a window and start your workout. You’ll give your day a good kickstart and you will improve your mood for the entire day as well as relieve stress that you could experience these days.

Keep good habits.

This is a very important aspect. Because of your daily routine that might got a little shook up now it’s easy for mistakes to slip in, like an unhealthy diet or lying on the couch the entire day. Make sure you nip this in the bud, stack up on vitamins and make sure that you keep moving during the day so you can maintain a good night rest. This is not only to stay healthy in body and mind but also to keep your immune system in check, something that is very important, especially now!

Find an app or at-home workout that works for you

At-home workout apps have been around for a long time and can be very affective. We have picked out 4 apps for you to try.

  1. Seven - 7 Minute Workout

  2. Keelo - STrength HIIT Workouts

  3. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

  4. Freeletics

Follow digital classes of your local gym

Gyms that temporarily have to close their doors because of COVID-19 come up with creative solutions. Here are a few examples!

The Gym Republic, a gym located in Amsterdam. Starting 17th of March, they will start a daily livestream of their classes. This is a perfect and interactive way to still support your gym and get the right workout in. You can check out the livestream here.

Equal Yoga normally offers a workout for both your body and mind in one of their studios. However, in times of social distancing, they offer a digital class. You can check it out here.

TrainMore offers a wide variety of lessons like like HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and much more.

You can follow the lessons in their TrainMore app. Check out the app here.

Note: You have to be a TrainMore member to follow the lessons.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you to stay active. Remember to stay safe and take care of the people around you.

Keep moving.

The Activewear Company.