Great minds think alike

An important aspect of our brand is the lifestyle side of it. A lifestyle to make the most out of everyday and live active in every way. One way to convey this lifestyle is to have collaborations with brands that we feel are a contribution to our brand and lifestyle. This week, we launched our first collaborations!

Wajer Yachts

First of, we have a collaboration with Dutch yacht builder Wajer Yachts.

Wajer produces luxurious open day-boats up to 55ft. Wajer is famous for the service they provide. From maintaining your boat to stocking up your fridge, the Wajer Summer Care crew provides full service all over the world. Every season they have the Wajer Service hubs in St. Tropez, Ibiza, Miami and Amsterdam making it possible for owners to relieve them from all the chores and hassles that comes with owning a yacht. Wajer also offers charter possibilities and fully organized trips from their hubs.

The Wajer Summer Care crew consists of a team of young professionals, that have a job wherein functionality of the clothing is essential, but shouldn’t be at the expense of their appearance. This fits perfectly with our Work to Workout Tee. We designed a special ‘Wajer’ Work to Workout Tee, in their own Wajer Blue color and with their tagline and logos on the Tee. The result - something we are very proud of!

So if you happen to be in either Ibiza, St. Tropez, Miami or in Amsterdam this summer, be on the look out for the light blue Wajer Work to Workout Tees!

Want to know more about Wajer, their yachts and their service? Check out their website!

The Gym Republic

Our second collaboration is with ‘The Gym Republic’ in Amsterdam. The Gym Republic is a popular urban gym, that provides a small group gym experience, as well as one on one personal training.

As a gym, The Gym Republic has the mission to motivate everyone to get the most out of a training and to push people to go to extremes. This mission perfectly fits our goal to inspire people to keep moving and to make the most of their day.

The trainers at The Gym Republic will from now on be wearing special ‘The Gym Republic’ Work to Workout Tees - our Army Green color, with their logos printed on the chest, back and sleeves.

Want to try out The Gym Republic? Have a look at their website!

The Activewear Company is always looking for new possibilities for collaborations with companies that share our mission and values. Are you, or do you know someone that fits our goals? Don’t hesitate to contact us!