All about our products

This blogpost is fully dedicated to our products. We want to explain why we’ve chosen this specific fabric, and why this is perfect for our products. 

Once the initial concept was ready, we wanted to find a fabric that we would deem fitting with our concept. 

Through a connection of our atelier in Portugal, we found the DriRelease fabric. 

This fabric is a blend of polyester, cotton and elastane, combined with DriRelease technology. This technology is not a chemical treatment, but it is “built into” each thread. It creates a high quality fabric that is sweat wicking, fast drying and doesn’t absorb odors - aspects that fit the purpose of our products very well!  

We want the care of our products to be easy and efficient. This means that they should be easy to wash, without having to worry - the products will keep their shape and their color. And because the products dry so quickly, you can just wash the shirt and use it the next morning for your workout or your daily use.

We want the look of the products to be minimalistic and premium - no big, flashy logos or too much of a technical look. They have a clean and high quality design so they can easily be used for every occasion. This is the fundament of our brand and we will carry this out in every product we design. We feel that through this way the product itself will inspire you to keep moving.

Not only design, but also sustainability is of high importance for us. Right from the start we wanted to be as sustainable as possible. 

We do this in several ways.

  • Our products are 100% locally produced. The whole process happens in Portugal. 

  • Our atelier in Portugal works with Oekotex®️ / GOTS certified suppliers and has good and fair working conditions. 

  • Our transport happens across land instead of by air. 

  • And of course, The Activewear Company does not work with seasons. Instead, we create timeless collections, all made out of the highest quality to ensure an eco-friendly, long-term performance.

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