The Activewear Company is a clothing brand that focuses on high quality activewear essentials. 

Both living in Amsterdam, we were inspired by the continuous energy flowing around in the city. With everyone constantly wanting to get the most out of their day, always active and on the go, we wanted to contribute to this and make it all a bit easier. We wanted to inspire and support men to keep moving. 


Both of us have always been active, and we saw that the clothing industry was split up in separated groups, for example sportswear, leisure wear, formal clothing etc. We came up with a concept that covers all these different groups. It had to fit every occasion, whether it’s your work, or your workout. We worked out the concept, contacted factories and went to Portugal to see who fitted our ideas the best. After a few months of sampling, testing, more sampling and more testing, we finally have our first product: The Work to Workout Tee. 

We named the products high quality activewear essentials, but we define this name in a much broader way. The products fit every type of activity, whether you are working out, traveling, working or having fun - our products fit the occasion.